Our sustainable programme


An update on our sustainable actions and objectives. 

Château ARBO is committed to a more sustainable way of production,
by paying particular attention to the selection of our raw materials,
our production methods and suppliers.

Here you can find our sustainable programme with past concrete actions,
present and future efforts to reduce our ecological footprint...
and discover what goes on behind the label and in the bottle. 

A responsible production model, without intermediaries where everything is produced and distributed from us to you!This has been our guiding principle since the creation of Château ARBO and we stick to it.


With a future in constant progress, here are our commitments for the next 12 months.

  1. Setting up a recycling programme

A campaign to collect cork stoppers will be organised in order to recycle them, to preserve the cork oak forests. For us, sustainable management of these forests, avoiding waste and encouraging the regrowth of new trees in Europe is essential!

   2. Reducing our production footprint

Continue to produce in a more eco-responsible way by engaging our suppliers and service providers in this process and by eliminating conventional plastic in the supply chain. 

   3.investment in mechanical weeding equipment

In order to abandon chemical weed control on our young plants.