Rare and Precious

There are some particularly significant days during the making of a vintage... and this April 26, 2017 is one of them!
The cold, this frost that does not go away despite the day and the rays of the sun that warm the air... and our vines/buds that look sad, burn not cold.

This vintage was scary/stressful in the spring, this April Frost iced the buds appeared very early with spring sweetness, these same buds could not grow and grow properly, that is why it is a vintage that is rare!
Fortunately at Château ARBO we chose a beautiful terroir and above all some of our plots are situated between 80 and 110 m of altitude, which allowed them to be protected from this frost. On the other hand, other plots are a little lower and they were not so lucky... as a result we lost 45% of our harvest.

The harvest was early, on September 24th we picked healthy and ripe grapes with the precious help of family and friends happy to share this moment with us.

It was reluctantly but realistically decided not to produce any bottles of the Château ARBO 2017 given that this wine did not reflect all the love and work that goes into a year's production, especially in the vines and then in the cellar... The impact of the frost was significant and that is why we did not produce any bottles.