Our first vintage

Château ARBO - February 2015 visit of the winery. from Castle ARBO on Vimeo.

2015, a great vintage and beautiful year of birth for Château Arbo...

The vintage 2015 has been almost idyllic, with a beautiful spring that gave a budding and flowering fast and steady. Then the weather warmed quickly, with very little rain between April and July, fortunately a good shower in August helped our thirsty soil of gorge themselves with water in an instant.

The fall has been relatively cool but dry and sunny, with very little of rains in September and October, which allowed our berries ripen properly and be pampered in the Sun.

Our first harvest took place on September 27, 2015, (what's more that day Leon, our gorgeous dog and teammate was born - that's a sign right!?).

The total production of the 2015 vintage is 6,000 bottles and 100 Magnums, which corresponds to 20 barrels.
You gave a superb welcome to our first bottles of château ARBO and we thank you for that. We have only 230 bottles left which we have set aside to age and keep a trace of this beautiful vintage.