Powerful and colorful



The 2018 vintage is the first vintage during which the harvest was spread out over more than a week in order to reach the optimal maturity of each of our parcels.

It was a year rich in sunshine, after experiencing a high rainfall in the spring and a drought period in August, it was a year overall hot and dry. With temperatures above average 7 months out of 12. The vines were able to benefit from a low and regular water supply until the harvest.

In view of the complexity and potential of this 2018 vintage, we wished to mature this wine in barrel for 12 months.

A complex and elegant vintage that has been enthusiastically welcomed by tasters and the world's specialized press!
2018 is also our most committed year to be Sustainable. We are improving day by day to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach, paying particular attention to the selection of raw materials (by not using any C.M.R.), dividing the doses of the few phytosanitary products used by four as soon as possible, using alternatives to chemical weeding (which we no longer practice), and reflecting our production choices.

Vintage after vintage - learning, questioning and improving everything that can be, to offer a wine that respects those who make it and those who drink it, a mode of production that makes sense, this is what we wanted for 2018.
With a power and intensity worthy of a very great vintage!