Another great year

Château ARBO harvest 2016 from Castle ARBO on Vimeo.

The 2016 vintage was more complex and harder to grasp than 2015 and yet!!!

A rainy spring, too rainy perhaps, and finally a wonderful summer, very hot/too hot for our vines, which went into "hydric stress" (when the vines are thirsty and protect themselves from the heat by stopping all activity).

These conditions do not seem promising for a great vintage... But a rain at the end of August allows our little berries to invigorate and swell up, and the September sunshine shapes the maturation of these berries.

From the grape harvest on October 9th 2016 give us reason to believe that this vintage will be beautiful, good and same thing unexpected very good! At the height of the vintage 2015 and even well above in complexity.

In view of the complexity and potential of this vintage 2016, we wanted to age this wine in barrel for 14 months instead of 12 months as originally planned. The interest is to make it a great wine on guard!

château ARBO 2016 is 7,200 bottles and 107 Magnums and we are happy to continue our beautiful adventure with this superb vintage.

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