A New Vintage - A New History of Love

2019, The promise of an evidence that is taking shape / life right now in our cellar.
The journey through our different vintages continues and now it's time for the 2019 vintage: a harsh spring with a few frosts, followed by a scorching summer with several episodes of drought... Which fortunately ends with a few rains allowing our berries to gorge themselves with juice and to structure themselves.

It will have been perilous, it will have been necessary to juggle, decide, question oneself to bring this vintage and these grapes to a successful conclusion up to our vats... This year we will have filled 4 vats, Nelson, Paris, Tivisse and New York promising more quantity than in previous years, with the bonus of our young plot of Cabernet Franc (planted 3 years ago) which gives us its first grapes!

2019 is also, for us, the beginning of a new love story, with this vintage marking the birth of our son - Louis. A growing family, a project that is constantly evolving and always this crazy passion that drives us. Because Château ARBO it is also the extension of our own history.

We can already promise you that the 2019 vintage will be Colorful, Delicious, Amazing... and for us a sign of much sweetness and Love.